Out of the Dumpster and into the Gallery

  The Provenance of a painting! Very important these days. Someone walks into the gallery. Sniffs around a bit. Asks a few questions, but obviously wants to be left alone. Stepping slowly from painting to painting, until he zeros in on what…
The Doctor (before)

Saint Anthony

In years gone past, a very large bank made lots of money and with that money, they hired an interior designer to convert their bland sky scraper into a very welcoming environment full of beautiful 18th century furniture, crystal chandeliers,…
The Doctor (before)

The Doctor

We called him "THE DOCTOR", but he was not a doctor at all. He was the night custodian at the local bank! A very eccentric custodian. His appearance was that of Albert Einstein. He drove a 1958 turquoise Chevrolet truck that had seen better days.